Tips on Hiring the Right Catering Company

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Catering 03You may have a special occasion coming up. Maybe you are planning your wedding or a birthday party or maybe it is a formal work function. Whatever the occasion is you will have to find a catering service to provide food or refreshments to the guests. However, Selecting a good Denver Catering company is not an easy task.

There are a few things you need to consider when selecting a catering firm.

Firstly the price, have a look at the available menu and decide what you want. After doing this ask them for a price. Normally it would be the price per head they quote you. Make sure you also include alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (depending on the type of function). Don’t forget to ask them about what the cost would be for damages like a plate or glass breaking, This is very important as sometimes catering company’s charge ridiculous amounts for breakages.

Secondly, ask them about the service. How much staff will be there at your function, what is the dress code of the staff. Will the staff be there early? Also ask them if they provide the tablecloths and decorations as most catering companies do provide them.Catering 04

Finally, after deciding all this make sure you have it all in your catering contract. Never leave anything to chance. It would not be a nice thing to enjoy your wedding and then be hit by a huge catering bill that you did not budget for.

Catering companies have developed a lot in the recent past. They provide full services from the decorations to the drinks to even the chairs and tables. Some catering companies will have theme based decorations and outfits. This can come in handy for birthday parties. Always make sure you are hiring a reputable catering firm If you want to check if they are good you can ask for some references and even go to a function to taste the food they serve. Most catering firms will be happy to accommodate this request.

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